For over half a century, the Leonardo family have been leaders in creating innovative methods for leather treatment, footwear repair, waterproofing and sales of the world’s finest quality leather products and leather shoes for men and woman.

Over time, the Leonardo family’s diverse talents have grown, experimenting with various types of leather processing, services and treatments. Like any successful family of true craftsmen, the Leonardos have been meeting their challenges


head-on, dealing with issues ranging from company growth, consumer demands, environmental sensitivities, and the ever-changing American fashions. The Delmar Bootery Family is proud of its history, and we look forward to continuing our quality service for years to come.The next generation is now bringing to the business the vision that will preserve the quality products sold today into the 21st century, while subscribing to the old-world standards that made Delmar Bootery earn its well deserved reputation .

Throughout the years, the reputation of the Leonardo family grew because of the special service and products that came from their shops. People came from far away to Delmar Bootery, and once word got around that the Delmar Bootery could repair, manufacture, dye and clean any leather product, the Delmar Bootery’s clientele grew and grew.